What makes our team so special? Simple, we are here because we love the sport and being a positive part of our athletes lives. Our entire staff work on a volunteer basis putting what would be our earnings back into our program and helping to subsidize spots for athletes that could not otherwise afford to cheer. We are a family first and business second.

Andrea Smith

Owner, Director, Coach, RECE


Andrea has been involved in competitve cheer for over 15 years, as an athlete, coach and judge. She is USASF and AACCA certified, as well as being a registered Early Childhood Educator and certified in CPR-C and First Aid. For a full bio please contact below.

Emily Currie

Head Coach Tiny & Mini, RECE


Emily is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has been involved in competitive cheer as both an athlete and coach for nearly 10 years. Emily is CPR-C and First Aid certified and works wonders with our Tiny and Mini athletes. For a full bio please contact below.

Jordan Rajaram



Jordan has been a member of our Senior team for the past three years, she has an infectious smile and an amazing work ethic and determination that she will surely pass onto those athletes she works with. Much like most of our staff Jordan is another Cardinal Newman alumni, and we are so happy to have her on board.



Sabrina Valtellini



Coach Ariel, as she is fondly referred to around here, has been a valuable asset to our coaching staff since joining us in 2014. She brings such passion, dedication and sass to the gym and there isn't a Tiny around that doesn't want to be just like her. For a full bio please contact below.

Mekaela Gonsalves



Mekaela has been one of the longest standing, loyal members of Titans since she was six years old! We are so proud to be able to include her as part of our staff. Her work ethic and drive is one that we hope she can sucessfully instill in our future generations of Titans.



Robyn Purchase



Robyn is an accomplished gymnast and has been a member of our senior team for the past three years. Her effortless tumbling technique has been admired and sought after by nearly every member of our program. We are thrilled that she will be sharing her tips and technique with our athletes to help them reach their tumbling goals.



Interested in Joining our Team?

If you are a passionate coach with a strong sense of community and a want to give back, please send us an email to the address below, subject line "coaching" and we will be in touch!

510 Coronation Drive,
Scarborough, ON


Tel: 416-602-5607


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