At TCA Titans we believe that cheerleaing is about so much more than the sport itself. Through our three core values we teach our athletes of all ages what it means to be a teammate.


Through unity, we teach athletes what it means to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We teach them acceptance of not only their own skills, but of the skills of their team members. In our experience, unity breeds encouragement, and when an athlete encourages another athlete, they've developed a life skill.


Through dedication we teach athletes accountability. Competitive athletes dedicate four hours of team practice a week, and are required to also train outside of practice time. Much like a job, athletes are required to arrive on-time, are unable to miss practice, and are expected to perform at a challenging pace. Being accountable to a team teaches athletes to be dedicated to all other aspects of their life.


One of our most emphasized core values is progression, which we teach through goal setting and positive reinforcement. We instill in our athletes that no matter their current skill level, they can always be better. It is not uncommon for one of our athletes to begin the season with no cheerleading experience and end the season with skills they never imagined attaining.


The staff at our gym seeks to create a challenging, yet motivating environment. We frequently participate in team bonding exercises and outings, community events and fundraisers.

We look forward to having you in our family!




Toronto Cheer Athletics is currently housed within Scarborough Gym Elites on 510 Coronation Drive. While our goal over the next year is to secure our own facility, the relationship we have with SGE continues to be a strong and positive one, allowing us to have our athletes train in a quality gymnastic gym, complete with the highest quality training aids.
Until we are able to head out on our own SGE is a wonderful home for our little family.
If you are interested in helping Titans secure their own facility via sponsorship please speak to Andrea directly.

  • Trampoline and trampettes

  • Handspring Trainers

  • Climbing rope

  • Tumble track

  • Foam pit

  • Spring boards

  • Sprung Floor

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Flexistretcher by FLX training

510 Coronation Drive,
Scarborough, ON



Tel: 416-602-5607


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