A History of TCA Titans

TCA Titans was founded back in 2004. It started out as Scarborough Titans, and was run as a program offered by Scarborough Gym Elites, and was coached by the coaching staff of Cardinal Newman High School's multi-national championship cheerleading program. The program ran on the founding principals below.




Through the years the program held steady usually offering 3-5 competitive cheerleading teams. Titans teams competed locally, nationally and internationally and even had representatives from Titans chosen to represent Canada at ICU World Championships. 

In 2013 the program was bought by Andrea Smith, one of the original founding members and coaches of the program. Scarborough Titans was then rebranded as Toronto Cheer Athletics. 


From 2013-2020 TCA Titans mission was to provide access to a quality competitive cheerleading program for athletes of all ages and most importantly of all socio-economic statuses. TCA was run by a group of dedicated volunteer coaches who gave 100% of the clubs income back into the program to subsidize cheer for families and athletes in need. 

During this time teams won National and Provincial titles, competed Internationally and appeared in many television shows, commercials and movies. The family that was forged at TCA was second to none. Though the program was small the support and love was huge. 

In 2020 COVID-19 cut the cheer season short and forced all programs to shut down. During this time the owners of Beach Cheer Athletics, and Toronto Cheer Athletics met and forged a plan to merge our programs in an effort to become THE name in Toronto Cheerleading. While this meant closing down Titans and assuming the Beach name, TCA would carry over their staff, families, and the many traditions that made us the unique program we were. 

Two phrases we hold near and dear at TCA will always be true:
" Once a Titan, Always a Titan" 

"OHANA, means family, and family means no one is left behind or forgotten"

As TCA forges forward as Beach Cheer Athletics Toronto, we will bring our love and our family to the Beach and we will always, always Remember the Titans.